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i ♥ my boojae

stolen my soul stolen my heart you're filled in me so much i can't breathe


jaening is real
김재중 the sexy reason why my life has been wonderfully destroyed. ♥♥♥♥♥

100% JaeJoong fan and a true blue Cassiopeia. The outside world might be tempting, but I pledge my love for them for as long as it takes.

} TVfXQ!♥OT5, Ayumi Hamasaki, BACK-ON, BoA, BY2, Cherry Filter, CSJH The Grace, HIGH and MIGHTY color, H.O.T, Jisun, Ikimonogakari, Kana Nishino, Miliyah Kato, TRAX, Potatoes, Keroppi, Love in the Ice and Tonight

} Jdrama retard. Can eat. Can cook.

} Arts and crafts enthusiast. Frustrated writer and artist.

} i should be an organ donor the way i give up my heart.

So... for you, that place is here
Don't be afraid, don't hesitate anymore, because I'll protect you ♪♫

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